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"........ because sit happens"

Spirit Ridge K9 Training & Rescue is not just about rehabilitating dogs with behavioural issues and educating handlers how to help change their dogs' behaviour.  Our sanctuary also does more than rescue, rehabilitate and re-home dogs-in-need of a 'fur-ever' home.  We know how to have fun while preparing our dogs for competitions as well to give back to our respective communities.  Below, are some examples of the hard work and associated rewards that our students' dogs (and our own) have achieved since Spirit Ridge K9 Training & Rescue opened its doors in 2005.  Enjoy our success stories ... we are very proud of all the handlers and dogs that have taken the time to 'trial' and 'certify' their dogs.  As a reminder on why we compete, Spirit Ridge K9 Training & Rescue offers this tribute to our dogs with our thanks to the author Sandy Mowery. 


Congratulations to Spirit Ridge's "Ochi" on her Canadian Association of Rally Obedience (CARO) Advanced Team and Excellent titles earned on October 26, 2014 at the Poodle Farm in Vanessa, Ontario!

At the beginning of the day, "Ochi" teamed up with her buddy Airedale Terrier "Ozzy" and BUSTED up the competition on their way to earning their Advanced Team title (CRAT).  Please click on this link to enjoy this fabulous team's final qualifying "run" on their way to their title - first place with a 198/200 score ....

Later on that same day, in the Excellent level "runs", our Ochi earned her title in her first "run" placing first with a 198/200.  To view her performance, please click on this link:

As if this were not enough ..... with the Rally Excellent title (CRXMCL) in her paws, she went on to achieve a perfect score of 200/200 as the proverbial icing on the cake!  Please click on this link to view our "Ochi's" perfect run!

Congratulations to Ozzy and Ochi - a couple of awesome dogs!!

Over the July 19-21, 2014 weekend along the shores beautiful L. Waseosa just north of Huntsville, Ontario, Canada our agility champion Spirit Ridge's "Jesse" girl attended an AAC agility trial hosted by Muskoka Agility Dogs.  During the weekend, and in this beautiful setting, Jesse girl proceeded to qualify and reach the 50 qualifying scores needed to be awarded her AAC Expert Silver Steeplechase award (ExSc Silver).  Congratulations to our Jesse girl and her handler Suzanne Adams!  In spite her 9 years of age, Jesse girl continues to chase even loftier heights in Agility. Our Spirit Ridge "team" is thrilled to watch her 'go get 'em'!

    Jesse girl coming down the A-frame, July 19-21, 2014 MAD agility trial                   Jesse over the jump (and the moon) enjoying her MAD agility trial, July 19, 2014

Happy campers, Jesse girl and handler Suzanne Adams awarded the Expert Silver Steeplechase award - AAC judge Sharon Dunsmore on the far right
MAD AAC agility trial, July 20, 2014

AND .... after the rigours of an AAC agility trial, which malinois would not love to wind down with a game of frisbee in the water??  Jesse seems to enjoy torturing her packmate "Ochi" in the two pictures below .....


But alas ...... even the almighty malinois will "crash and burn" ...... 'night 'night, sweet Jesse girl!  Well done!!!

On August 25, 2013, Spirit Ridge K9 Training & Rescue attended a CARO Rally Obedience trial at the Poodle Farm in Vanessa, Ontario, Canada.  In addition to our own girl "Ochi" competing in the Advanced "B" class, we also had five students join us in competing for a host of potential titles.  Our own "Ochi" earned her Advanced Rally Obedience title with distinction (Magna Cum Lade) having earned an average of over 190/200 in her three successful qualifying runs (196/200, 197/200 and 196/200) with two FIRST place finishes and one SECOND place finish.  To enjoy a fun video, produced by Spirit Ridge, showing how much fun we have when we "go to trial" please click hereBelow is a picture of proud Spirit Ridge's "Ochi" with her title rosette being held by handler and trainer Jim Tsitanidis.

Spirit Ridge's "Jesse" girl earns the right to call herself an Agility Trial Champion (ATCh) on July 12, 2013!  At the Simcoe Dog Sports AAC agility trial KOA in Cookstown, Ontario, Jesse and handler Suzanne Adams earned their fourth and final Qualifying score in their Master Gamble run to earn their ATCh (along with Jesse's Bronze Award of Merit).  Below, Jesse and Suzanne pose with the huge ATCh rosette held by AAC judge Carole Cote.  Jesse also shows her appreciation by giving her handler one of her patented humongous slurpy kisses!  CONGRATULATIONS Spirit Ridge "girls"!!!!

Over the June 22-23, 2013 weekend and in the context of the Agility Association of Canada's Ontario West Regional agility trials at the KOA in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, Spirit Ridge's "Jesse" girl earned six (!) FIRST place finishes (two in each of the Standard, Gamble and Jumpers categories) and came in FIRST overall in her class (22 inch veterans' category).  In the pictures below, Jesse girl displays her beautiful AAC trophy, six first place ribbons, her FIRST overall placement and her Qualifying rosette earning her an invitation to attend the Canadian Nationals in Edmonton, Alberta.  


On September 8, 2012, our N'Sonic Boom Van Arek (L) and Spirit Ridge's "Jesse" girl (R) earn their CKC Novice Jumpers with Weaves and Excellent A titles (respectively) at the Red Barn facility in Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Young Spirit Ridge's "Ochi" earns her first title at the age of 8 months on July 10, 2012!  For details and to learn more about our young "star", click here

On March 25, 2012, Spirit Ridge's Jesse girl earns her Bronze level Snooker title under the Agility Association of Canada!


Spirit Ridge's "Jesse" becomes a movie star!!! During the August/September 2011 period, our "Jesse" joined the crew and actors of the (under production) full featured movie "FoxFire" and played the role of Goldie's dog during the filming.  We are very proud of our Jesse who has gone from a disposable, throwaway dog picked up as a stray by the Uxbridge/Port Perry Animal Control Services at the young age of 1 to a Master Agility dog, Rally Excellent (CARO) and Literacy Assistance Dog and now, a movie star! Below, a couple of pictures taken during breaks of the filming.  FoxFire was directed by Laurent Cantet (FRA) and premiered as part of the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2012. (for more info and pictures, please click here).

     Spirit Ridge's "Jesse" with the girls of the FoxFire gang during a break                                    "Jesse" wondering what the heck a sound boom is during a break of the movie

On August 6, 2011, Spirit Ridge's Jesse girl earns her CKC Rally Novice title at the Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Canada Nationals in Quebec City, Que.  Not only that, but she also places first among all belgian shepherd dogs entered AND earns our first EVER High In Trial award beating out a total of 27 other competitors!  In the picture Jesse is seen showing her appreciation for the awards by mauling handler Jim Tsitanidis!


At the very same event on August 5, 2011, Jesse girl, showing her versatility, also earned her CKC Agility Novice and Jumpers titles.  In the picture below, Jesse shows her big smile while posing with handler Suzanne Adams and "the loot"!


Our young 3 year old Malinois continues to show his versatility; during the July 23/24, 2011 weekend, "Sonic" (Boom) completed his two qualifying legs for his American Kennel Club HT (Herding Tested) certificate. Below, Sonic and handler Jim Tsitanidis are seen with judge Cheryl MacDonald (TX, USA) at Spirit Winds Farm in Sardinia, NY.

On June 26, 2011, "Sonic" (Boom) earned his CKC Novice Agility title.  In the picture below proud Sonic is seen with judge Carol Smorch (USA) and Spirit Ridge's Agility instructor Suzanne Adams.

On February 4, 2011 our own "Jesse" achieved her AAC Master Agility Doc of Canada (MADC) title at an agility trial hosted by Act-On Agility in Flamborough, ON.  Congratulations to Jesse and Spirit Ridge's Agility Instructor, Suzanne Adams.  

                                 (Below, "Jesse" with handler Suzanne Adams and judge Anic Verette (right) holding her MADC title rosette.)

On March 12/13, 2011 our "Jesse" continued her stellar performances in the agility arena by earning her Master Jumper Dog of Canada AND Master Snooker Dog of Canada titles!  Below, Jesse shows her appreciation by giving her handler Suzanne Adams a 'slurp'!

During February 19/20, 2011, Spirit Ridge dogs (both ours and our clients') were busy racking up the title and placement ribbons!

Specifically, our group earned 5 titles during that weekend (four in the Rally Obedience ring and one in the Agility ring).

Congratulations to:
Cindy Chenier and her Airedale Terrier "Ozzy" for earning his CKC Rally Novice title as well as the first (of three needed) qualifying legs for his Advanced Rally Obedience title.

Kathy Cecchin and her German Shepherd Dog "Shep" for earning his CKC Rally Novice title as well as the first (of three needed) qualifying legs for his Advanced Rally Obedience title.

Maureen Griffiths and her all Canadian Dog "Casey" for earning her AAC Agility Dog of Canada title

Jim Tsitanidis and his Malinois "Sonic" for earning his CKC Rally Excellent title; and his Malinois "Tequila" for earning his CKC Rally Novice title as well as the first (of three needed) qualifying legs for his Advanced Rally Obedience title.

(Right to Left) "Casey" & Maureen, "Shep" & Kathy, "Ozzy" & Cindy
Sitting (Left to Right) - Jim with "Tequila" and "Sonic" (laying down)

             Jim with "Sonic" (Malinois) - IN FOCUS - in his final Rally Excellent run                                     Kathy with "Shep" (German Shepherd Dog) coming out of the spiral        

      Cindy with "Ozzy" (Airedale Terrier) pose with "the loot" and title!                                     Jim with "Tequila" (Malinois) coming out of the spiral - Feb 19, 2011 (CKC Rally Novice run)

"Sonic" very happy to receive his CKC Rally Excellent title ribbon!

On October 17, 2010, in his last trial of 2010 (and hot on the heels of his September 26th CARO "Bronze" title) our "Sonic" achieved his CARO "Silver" Rally Obedience title at the Poodle Farm in Vanessa Ontario.  In order to achieve each of the Bronze and Silver titles, a dog is required to complete two Advanced and three Excellent rounds - each with a score of 190/2000 and over.  As of October 17, 2010, our Sonic's official name is:  'N' Sonic Boom Van Arek, HIC, RNMCL, RNT, RAMCL, RAT, REMCL, CRB, CRS (CARO), CD, RN, RA (CKC).  His breeder has jokingly said that he has more letters after his name than most University graduates!  Below, is a picture of Sonic and me receiving his final title of the year - his CARO Silver title (CRS) from CARO judge Lorraine Purnell.

On October 3, 2010, our "Sonic" received his CKC CD title scoring an average of 189/200 on three straight qualifying 'runs' at the Hamilton Dog Obedience Club trials in Jerseyville, Ontario.  He also managed to take a third place finish in the process amongst an excellent field of many beautiful dogs.  It was a fabulous group of competitors who all did very well and there were many smiles all around.  Congrats Sonic!  Below, in photo, Sonic is sitting proudly next to judge Eva O'Keefe holding his title rosette while proud "pappa" fumbles with Sonic's Qualifying blue ribbon!


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