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Spirit Ridge K9 Training  & Rescue

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"...... because sit happens"

                                                                  The Spirit Ridge K9 Crew!

At Spirit Ridge K9 Training & Rescue, we use our own dogs to demonstrate to clients how pets can double both as companions as well as working dogs.  In fact, we consider these two aspects of a dog's life to be complementary as well as necessary for a dog to be 'happy' (we prefer the word "fulfilled") in its life.


The picture below shows the Spirit Ridge K9 crew - as of December 31, 2016. 

The Spirit Ridge K9 Crew on vacation at Cape San Blas, Florida on New Year's Eve wishing everyone a happy 2017!  

The K9 staff above (depicted from Left to Right along with the titles earned to date) are:

Sonic (Boom): SGDC (AAC), CL3-R, CL3-S, CL2-H, CL3-F (CPE), SD-S SP, SD-A SP (SDDA), RNMCL, RNT, RAMCL, RAT, RXMCL, CRB, CRS (CARO), CD, AGN, RN, RA, RE (CKC), HT (AKC), HIC'Sonic' (Boom) is now the senior statesman of our K9 crew (born January 2008) and still the most 'enthusiastic' to work.  It is said that he is unfamiliar with the word 'slow' - hence his name which was aptly given to him.   He is used regularly in all our Obedience, Rally Obedience classes, long with our younger Malinois "Ochi") and has shown his prowess in the Rally Obedience competition ring achieving perfect 200/200 scores in two runs one at the Excellent level. Sonic has achieved awards in four dog sports (Rally Obedience, Agility, Scent Detection and Obedience) and an AKC certificate in a fifth sport (herding).  His talents and desire to work are used regularly at Spirit Ridge where he is all too happy to show off his 'moves' so that clients can see what I am expecting their dogs to do.  He is a perfect demo dog and hard working at that!  Sonic is currently competing in CPE Agility because he finds that it is a 'game' that is perfect for his (Malinois) pace!!   Sonic is also very valuable to use in difficult behavioural assessments in clients' homes with aggressive dogs.  His strong Obedience and keen understanding of what we are doing, allows me to use him to determine the real tendencies of the problem dog we are 'seeing' since he won't move when he knows he's 'on the job'. 

Spirit Ridge's 'Ochi': CL2-R, CL2-H, Cl2-S, CL2-F (CPE), SD-S SP, SD-A (SDDA), CL), CRXMCL, CRAMCL, CRNMCL, CRAT, CRNT (CARO), TT (ATTS) (born October 1, 2011 - rescued and adopted Dec 20, 2011 from S. Carolina): "Ochi" is our most recent arrival @ Spirit Ridge having arrived in December 2011 and is the youngest of our crew.  For more background info on 'Ochi' please follow this link.

Celebre "Kiss me Ka-Pow" (born July 6, 2016): Ka-Pow is a Belgian Sheepdog (groenendael variety) which is the same breed as the Malinois in almost every country other than the US where they are separate breeds, is the most recent addition to Spirit Ridge after the sudden unexpected loss of our Jesse girl in July 2016.  Ka-Pow is currently learning to be a stable, balanced dog - which will make him extremely valuable in future behavioural assessments with clients' dogs - not to mention being a stable, mature and level headed adult dog himself.  Ka-Pow is well on his way to achieving this.  At the same time he is learning the behavioural rules, he is also training in Rally Obedience (Novice level) for his first foray into the trial ring which will hopefully come in the Spring of 2017.

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