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'Paws for Literacy®' Programme

What do you get when you bring children, dogs and books together? You get happy, confident children who love to read.  Teachers, Librarians, children and parents agree -- it's an unbeatable combination!

It is with great pride that Spirit Ridge K9 Training & Rescue, has partnered with the Wellington County Library - Hillsburgh Branch staff to introduce a community-based literacy programme where children are invited to visit the library, pick a book, get paired up with a dog and read, read, read!  


In libraries and schools across North America, a loyal and tireless group of literacy volunteers are teaching kids to read. They don’t demand salary, they never complain or show signs of boredom. They receive nothing more than a cookie and a head scratch for their efforts. They are dogs, and they work miracles for children’s literacy. Even kids who know how to read flock to these dogs just for fun while growing their vocabulary and public speaking skills in the process. The greatest beneficiaries, by far, are those who have obstacles to reading and speaking.

In fact, golf great Eldrick ‘Tiger’ Woods is a famous example. The 'Tiger' used to stutter; before facing a human audience, he would practice speeches and presentations using his dog, Boom. He was building confidence with the help of his dog and realized that if he could do it for Boom, he could also win the people over.

Dogs provide an attentive, non-judgmental audience for young readers. They don’t criticize or laugh. They don’t act bored, hurried and impatient. They are there just to listen.  Kids develop a love of reading while bonding over a shared story.
The children's confidence and reading skills grow in a relaxing environment. It's that simple.

Of course, as an added bonus, children develop a healthy appreciation for dogs and learn to interact with dogs in a positive, supportive situation – something Spirit Ridge always strives for!

The Process
We are not just talking about any dogs!  Spirit Ridge K9 Training & Rescue pre-selected and invited a dozen dogs and their handlers to an in-house selection process that occurred in early January 2009 .......... 
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