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Spirit Ridge's "Jesse" girl Goes to the Movies!

Thanks to our friends with Moosonee Puppy Rescue in northern Ontario, our Jesse girl was recommended to play the role of "Toby" in the upcoming re-make of the movie FoxFire.  It is not unusual for this type of cross gender stardom.  Everyone remembers the famous collie "Lassie" who was, in fact, a male dog in reality playing a female collie in the movies.  "Jesse" being the budding movie star that she is, also had an opportunity for some trans-gender acting in this movie!

For more information on this movie, credits, release date and plot summary please click here.

Below are some pictures that were taken throughout Jesse's 9 day experience.  We hope you enjoy the pictures and we look forward to seeing the movie when it is released in the latter half of 2012.  While the intention was to initially release the movie at the 2012 Cannes Festival, the production has taken a bit longer.  The target release date is now set for September 2012 at the Toronto International Film Festival!  How fitting as the actors and our Jesse girl are mostly Canadian.  We look forward to this release and are contemplating escorting Jesse down the "red carpet" dressed in a tuxedo with a big red bowtie!  Stay tuned for more information on our movie star as this becomes available.

                          "Jesse" girl on the FoxFire set of the movie                                                                      Director Laurent Cantet (FRA) gives the FoxFire girls last minute directions before rolling

     "Jesse" girl waiting to be called as film crew get ready to shoot the farmhouse scenes                  "Jesse" girl and Goldie (her handler in the movie played by Claire Mazerolle) ready to trick or treat

                                    "Jesse" girl in various scenes at the farmhouse hideaway of the FoxFire girls (located in Bond Head, Ontario) hanging out and stealing everyone's heart!