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Articles of interest to Dog 'Owners' 

On this web page, you will find a collection of articles that are meant to inform dog handlers as well as guide them in their quest to have a well rounded, versatile and satisfied dog.  Many myths are addressed in these articles and I am positive that many will raise an eyebrow at what I am writing.  It is important to understand that the content is a distillation of experiences, personal errors on my part, and numerous experimentations in training over the past two decades.  You do not have to agree with everything in these articles to read them!  All I ask is that you keep an 'open mind' and that you carefully examine the merit of my points and determine whether these may apply in your personal circumstances.  

Please click on any of the links below, to read the articles listed.  Over time, this page will be enriched with topics of general interest.  I invite you to bookmark this page and make it a point to check for updates.


Jim Tsitanidis
K9 Trainer & Behavioural Consultant

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