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About Us

One of the first things dog owners ask is whether a person is a good K9 trainer.  What each and every one of us defines as 'good' varies depending on the amount of K9 knowledge we have, our experience and history with dogs, the type of training we have and, most importantly, how open and flexible one is to customizing K9 training and behaviour modification techniques.  Both a dog and handler's temperament and 'style' enter squarely into determining how successful a training protocol will be and how dedicated a handler will be in applying and practising these techniques.  At Spirit Ridge K9 Training & Rescue, our motto is that every handler and dog team is different - which is why we match training programs to the temperament of both the handler and their K9 friend.  It makes no sense to  set up a program using heavy compulsion techniques when we have a dog with a 'soft' and 'handler sensitive' temperament.  Training in this manner will lead to an unsatisfied handler and, what's worse, a dog that will 'shut down', go into what K9 trainers call 'avoidance' and, what's more, cowers at every command their handler gives them

The picture we want to paint at Spirit ridge K9 Training & Rescue, is a picture of a happy dog working because of his 'drive' and desire to please and not out of compulsion and necessity.  For more information on Spirit Ridge Training philosophy and Trainer biography please click here.

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